2017-18 Accounts

This financial year ran from 1st April 2017 to 31st March 2018. 


The Parish Council's accounts are made up of several documents, starting with the budget which was approved in November2016: The Council received income of £1,095.16 more than budgeted, with a YLCA transpacency grant of £815 and a NYCC discretionary grant both received. Expenditure was £1,162.67 under budget, with pay area maintenance, tree maintenance and parish caretaking all comning in well under budget.. The Council held £12,021.03 in unallocated reserves and £937.65 in restricted reserves at 31st March 2018. The year's financial accounts (including the bank reconciliation), cash book, and analysis of variances between this year's and the previous year's expenditure are available here:


The Parish Council undergoes three stages of audit. The first is carried out throughout the year as part of the Council's day-to-day checks, controls and processes. These are detailed in a document approved at the start of the financial year: 

The second and third stages are carried out at the end of the financial year when checks are carried out by auditors from outside the Council.

The Internal Audit report is available here and the resulting annual return will be posted here in September 2018.