Complaints Procedure

"A complaint is an expression of dissatisfaction ... by one or more members of the public about the Parish Council's action, or lack of action, or about the standard of a service, whether the action was taken or the service provided by the council itself or a person or body acting on behalf of the council." [Local Government Ombudsman]

North Stainley with Sleningford Parish Council is committed to providing high quality services to its parishioners, but in any organisation things can sometimes go wrong. That is why the Parish Council has adopted a policy which sets out its procedure for dealing with any complaints that it receives. 

The complaints policy can be viewed here: NSPC Complaints Procedure.pdf

The policy gives you the contact details you will need if you wish to make a complaint. Every effort will be made to resolve your complaint at the earliest and most informal stage. 

General enquiries should be directed to the Clerk to the Parish Council using the details on the 'contact us' page.