Other Development

Local Plan
Harrogate Borough Council has prepared a newsletter to inform local residents about major developments with the preparation of the Local Plan. A Local Plan is the set of policies which planning applications are judged against and which determine how / where development will be allowed. 

Harrogate Borough Council’s proposed Sites and Policies document was recently found to be unsound as it didn't contain provision for enough new housing in the District. Harrogate Borough Council recently put out a ‘call for sites’ asking for ideas of where development could take place in the next few years. Several sites near North Stainley have been put forward and these are shown on the map below. Please note that the inclusion of a site in this document does not mean that it will be allocated in the new Local Plan for future development. Further detailed site assessment work will be undertaken by Harrogate Borough Council and sites allocated in accordance with the Local Plan's growth strategy and site selection methodology. 

Until a new policy is drawn up, the Borough Council is faced with the prospect of trying to decide on planning applications with no clear guidance as to when / where development should be allowed. A number of planning applications for significant housing developments in the District have already been received.
It is expected that this situation will affect North Stainley as / when firm proposals for development are put forward. 

Planning Applications
The Harrogate Borough Council planning officer dealing with an application will always post a notice near the site of a planning application to let members of the public know that an application for development has been submitted. 

Harrogate Borough Council maintains an online register of planning applications known as the 'Public Access' system. 
You can search for all planning applications in this area by entering 'North Stainley with Sleningford' in the parish search criteria box.