Minerals & Waste Development 

Minerals and Waste Local Plan
North Yorkshire County Council, City of York Council and the North York Moors National Park Authority are working together to produce a Minerals and Waste Local Plan covering all three planning authority areas. The Plan, once drawn up and adopted, will provide strategic guidance about when and where minerals and waste development (including quarrying) may take place across the whole county over the next 15 years.

As part of the process of drawing up of the new plan developers and landowners are invited to put forward potential sites for quarrying. Any site can be speculatively put forward. It does not mean that they will be included in the final plan, nor that they would be guaranteed planning permission. The Parish Council is aware that three sites in the parish were put forward in 2011: 
·        An extension to Potgate Quarry. 
·        An extension to Hanson’s Ripon Quarry (located between North Stainley and North Lees). 
·        A site near Quarry House, West Tanfield.
In addition, a site in East Tanfield (located outside of, but in close proximity to, this parish) has also been put forward. 

Details of all the sites put forward can be found on a map on the County Council’s website.

The inclusion of sites at this stage of the plan process does not imply any support by the Authorities (or the Parish Council) for development in these locations as further assessment of them still needs to be undertaken by North Yorkshire County Council. The sites in North Stainley with Sleningford Parish, although listed in the County Council's recent consultation (details of which were put through some doors), are not the focus of it. The local sites are not new proposals and they have not been changed. 

In April 2012 the Parish Council noted that sites had been put forward in this area and looked forward to the ‘preferred options’ stage of the consultation process. This is when the County Council will ask for opinions on sites which are likely to be included in the final plan and would therefore be likely to gain planning permission. This consultation is still awaited, the latest indication being that it will commence in early summer. When it happens the Parish Council will publicise it and consider it at one of its meetings which are open to the public to attend. 

Because of the delays in producing the Local Plan, Hanson UK chose to submit a planning application for an extension to the Ripon Quarry (as well as submitting it for consideration as part of the Local Plan process). The application was submitted in 2011 and was considered by the Parish Council at its meeting on 20th December 2011. The Parish Council submitted a number of comments to North Yorkshire County Council, although it had no major objections as the proposal moves the extraction area away from North Stainley village and does not increase the output of the quarry. Hanson UK expect that this application will be determined in the summer. 

In the meantime, they’re asking for an extension to the agreed timescale for extracting material from the area they’re already working in. The proposal does not include an increase or change to the area of extraction, which already has planning permission, nor are any major
changes proposed to the agreed restoration strategy. The Parish Council has no objections to the proposal at this stage. 

Planning Applications
North Yorkshire County Council maintains an online register of planning applications known as the 'Public Access' system. 
You can search for all planning applications in this area by entering 'North Stainley with Sleningford' in the parish search criteria box. 

Preferred Options Consultation - November 2015 to January 2016

Supplementary Sites Consultation - January 2015

Issues & Options Consultation - March 2014